Brand family
Li Bai
"Libai" was founded in 1994. As a leading brand in China's detergent industry, Libai has the nation's leading sales of detergents, detergents, soaps, liquid detergents and builders, and has won many brand honors. Developed and produced Libai natural soap liquid, non-hot powder, ginger detergent, Libai easy-rinsing laundry powder, Libai cold water fast-acting laundry powder, Libai fully automatic concentrated laundry powder, and enzyme particle soap powder. product.
Six mustaches in the blue sky
Blue Sky Six Bizhi, an oral care brand owned by Blue Sky Group, inherits 100 years of research and development experience in traditional Chinese medicine and oral products, integrates the essence of classic Chinese medicine classics with modern technology, provides prevention and treatment of common oral problems in China, and maintains oral health.
Six mustaches in the blue sky
Blue Sky toothbrush products are a high-end brand of Blue Sky Group in 2012. Based on the "innovative vitality to attract young consumer groups" as the starting point, based on the "new generation oral care equipment", they have also been labeled with the "Happy Life" label. In the spirit of innovation and vitality, play the new generation; Blue Sky toothbrush members mainly include manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, dental floss sticks, interdental brushes, etc .;
Haha baby
Vision: The first brand positioning of Chinese children's oral care: food-grade children's oral care
slogan: Natural food grade, safer
Good dad
Good Dad is a high-end skin-friendly skin care product under the Libai Group. Good Dad pays attention to Youyi family fabric washing and care, and is committed to providing skin-friendly, low-sensitivity, safe and healthy high-end washing and care products. Give your child a safe guard, so parents can choose with peace of mind.
The world of babies is wonderful and exciting. How can the babies lose their curiosity because of the stains in the exploration process?
  CHEIIE, a natural flower planting and hair care brand, uses new, superior and natural flower planting and hairdressing ingredients, and uses innovative PST-plant supercritical technology extraction technology to make hair glow healthy and natural beauty, leading the trend of new natural hair .